Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The view from here Pt2

I have not mentioned the loft conversion recently. My advice is, if you can, you should. It was a very painful process, but the rewards are far in excess of the emotional and financial outlay. Despite the fact that 'he' hijacked it for his office cum playroom, at this time of year the pleasure to be gained from the light is immense. In the morning you can lie in bed watching the planes crisscross their vapour trails across the sky. You can watch the House Martins darting high above. The view from the french windows is a continual joy, as these photos testify. At this time of year the tress are beautiful and being so high up give me a whole new perspective. At night we can currently peek through the Dorma windows and watch the sun set over canary wharf. Finally the short walk from shower to bed is such a luxury, as I said, if you can you should.

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materfamilias said...

Sounds wonderful -- although there are many household luxuries I don't need, there are so many simple ones that enhance life on a daily basis and repay every single penny a thousandfold.