Monday, 2 June 2008

This weekend

I bought this bag from Kipling, I have needed a bag for ages, as black looks so wrong when it warms up. I originally bought a beautiful leather one similar to this in distressed silver, which was beautiful, but by the time I had my purse and paper in it I could barely heave it over my shoulder, plus it rubbed my clothes, so back it went. I did find a nice one in agnes b but it was not quite right so instead I plumped for this one in Sandstone. It maybe plain but its heaven, and I can find my keys and phone the difference having some pale lining makes is amazing

I finished reading this. I really enjoyed it, brilliantly written, very evocative, and the story was so unexpected, which made a refreshing change.

Then I watched this. I expected little and loved it from start to finish. And no, not just because of Russell Crowe (although it helped) but I loved the music, the clothes, all mixed with some really beautiful cinematography.

If Stephen Hawkins ever wants to see an actual Black Hole, he should have stayed with me this half term as I lost a whole week, seriously one whole week vanished with little or nothing to show for it, I have felt very unproductive. It did not help that I was in Oxford until Wednesday but still...

I did managed a brief trip into London however, all the galleries were either about to open or about to close a show, so I saw very little. I did get a lovely Jean Muir type top in Jigsaw, very forgiving and wonderful to throw on over jeans and float around in.

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