Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bruce Rae

Just after my passion for photography was reignited, I would devour all the photographic journals I could find. Standard newsagent fare did not cut it with me, then I found AG photographic
A tremendous publication, now on issue 54. Many of the images were very inspirational, not least those of Bruce Rae, whose little table top tableauxs I was always trying to emulate, before I found my own voice.

Seeing them now after over 10 years, I still love them. They have now been assembled into the most beautiful limited edition book called Tableaux Whispers Echoes.


materfamilias said...

Beautiful, fragile, dusty-ethereal, composed yet random-looking -- no wonder you keep coming back to these. They really emphasize the nature morte aspect of a still life, don't they?!
(And I think they speak back rather nicely to the David Hockney quotation of your previous post)

La Belette Rouge said...

Ooooh, love the dusty "cabinet of curiosity" quality of these photos.

Vintage Tea said...

Wow I looove these. I have butterflies tattooed on my wrist. Im a bit of a butterfly freak! lol