Friday, 30 January 2009

The view from here

There are many people in education who love to compartmentalise pupils into neat boxes. These same people will often look down their noses at people who read horoscopes, but give them a psychometric test and they are like a pig in clover. These same people also use the word, pedagogy, I hate that word.
I recently sat through a 3 hour talk by a motivational speaker, we laughed, we cried, mostly I felt like I was being taught 7 ways to suck an egg, but arrogance sits very comfortably on my shoulders. However he did teach me a way of compartmentalising people that so far has hit the spot every time. I am slightly oversimplifying it here but the gist goes like this.

Group A, These people are Dynamic, natural leaders, outgoing, very good a getting through tasks no matter whose toes they tread on.
Group B, These people are cautious, heaven is in the detail, they are task driven, make copious lists and slightly reserved.
Group C, these people are quiet, occasionally timid, very reserved. They do not like drawing attention to themselves but they are good with people.
Group D, these people are impulsive, outgoing, live for today and good with people.

Recognise yourself yet?
If not this story might help.
A teacher tells his class that the next day they will sit a very important test. The next day at the beginning of the lesson he tells his class that the test is cancelled.
The following reactions occur

Group A, beam with delight “Yes sir I agree, that is the right decision, I knew you would see it my way”
Group B, are livid “Oh, sir, that is not fair, I have been up all night revising, you cannot cancel the test, it is not fair”
Group C, smile and say “thank you” they are very happy to have avoided the test
Group D, look up and say “What test?”

Well even I had to admit that I clearly sat firmly in Group D as does Daisy. Kitty of course is group C and both Emin and Leyla are Group A. as is my sister. My poor mother is group B as is one of my colleagues who not only confessed to copious list making, but if she does something over and above the list will write it on the list just to cross it off!
I tell you this story because it illustrates why when Daisy came home on Tuesday and announced that she was flying to Switzerland on Saturday morning, I did not bat and eyelid. She had initially told me she was going sometime during half term in February. When I expressed surprise at the late notice she then informed me I was lucky, she could have realised the day before. The cherry on top is she has to be at school for 5am, and she has decided that rather than stay at home and pack she is going out tonight! Oh to be 16


La Belette Rouge said...

I am a Group B. Can you tell by all the lists on my blog?

miss milki said...

oh yeah - I'm definitely a B!

auntiegwen said...

I am a big fat D as are my eldest daughter and son, my beautiful baby daughter is a big fat A.