Thursday, 22 January 2009

Helen Frankenthaler

A small dose of life style envy accompanies this post. I am late to come across Frankenthaler's work, I found it whilst putting a PowerPoint together on the theme of Colour.
I love seeing artists in their studios

and I love these paintings, a real breath of fresh air in terms of colour and lightness of touch.
I have spent many many hours putting together this PowerPoint, colour was one of 6 GCSE students will have to chose from next week from their exam paper.
Years ago when I first began teaching, we would give the students their exam paper and tell them to get on with it, and little has changed in some schools. However I am held accountable for the grades these girls achieve and as they have little or no inclination to help themselves I invariably end up doing much of the research for them.
I enjoy it but it does require many, many, many hours of looking and of course I do get easily sidetracked.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I remember when I was a little girl pouring over my mother's architectural digests and seeing ads with Helen Frankenthaler. It was the first women artist's name I had ever heard. I never forgot that it occurred to me at that moment in that magazines that before that moment I thought all artists were men.