Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sartorial style… The highs.. The lows

I have not posted a sartorial post for a while;
I managed to successfully navigate most of what the weather threw at me during my travels over Christmas. You need to pack outfits for travelling, outfits for swanning around lovely, if slightly over heated hotels and then outfits for layering up for the great outdoors.
What I missed was a second scarf; I only took one, and should have taken at least 2 more. To add to my Holy Grail of clothes list would be a stylish but waterproof, coat with maybe a hood. Not a Mac but something thicker which does not create the classic Michelin man profiles that so many puffa jackets have a tendency to do. The Barbour I tried on was not warm enough so the search will go on. I should probably be looking around August rather than when I actually need it. Such are the vagaries of the retail industry.

Whilst I was in Berlin I could not resist having a peek inside the Muji sale; however the exchange rate was so bad that what was £45 in England was £68 in Germany, I spied a maroon version of my grey merino wool shawl cardie. Back home I waited patiently and finally found one last week for a bargain £15. This I decided was what I needed to inject a bit of colour into my winter wardrobe. Which as you can see resembles various shades of sludge. So yesterday I skipped to work, only to feel just a little uncomfortable. It took a while and then finally I realised that it was exactly the same shade as my years 11 girls school uniform jumper. How on earth had I not realised this earlier? Worst of all I was wearing it over a brown top, brown is the colour of their skirts. I could not wait to go home and rip it off.
I guess it will be one for the weekend now.
I must also give praise to what has been the most fruitful provider of lovely knitwear, Uniqlo, last year nothing I tried on there fitted, this year everything fits.
Best of all was the thermal underwear. I bought 4 short sleeved tops which are perfect, they are very thin but very warm the added bonus is that they are not trimmed with nasty synthetic lace like so many other brands, instead they look just like T shirts, and in colours lovely enough not to hide.


materfamilias said...

Too funny about your new cardigan -- I love that colour, the way it enlivens the greys, taupes, browns, and greys, yet seems credible with them. But I can see it won't do for you to be a wannabe year 11!

Tricia Garrett said...

Lovely colour that cardigan. I've done the uniform clash in the past while on supply. Shame because it would probably be good with a range of things.

Anonymous said...

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