Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I want never gets

Images from style .com Oh, are these just not completely sublime? How did I miss them? They are from the Chanel spring summer 09 collection. My father was a Paleontologist and we had a lot of this polished agate in the house, how I wish I had squirreled it away to make one of these.
And these are gorgeous too, bags and jewellery, just the images are lovely, the colours and textures, it even has my favourite pattern, polka dot.
I had another email from Little Sis today, my reply may give you a taste of my life at home right now!
"It's my last day in sunny Oz. I have shorts on today as this be the last time for a long time (sorry if that delightful image gets stuck in you head all day)*. We are going to Hong Kong tomorrow & the forecast there is only 18c.
Diving was spectacular. I saw sharks just about every dive, a few turtles, eagle rays & sea snakes to name but a few. The boat was an experience - the first night the weather was so bad that no-one got much sleep, but after that it was all good weather.
We went for a 10km bush walk on Sunday - my suggestion! My legs are still throbbing from the climbing but it was worth it. We had quite a relaxing day yesterday to recover. Today I am going to the zoo. The only koala we have seen was dead in the middle of the road & I don't want that to be my lasting memory of koalas. Also I think they make kangaroos up cos I haven't seen a single one.We have seen lots of lizards & some spectacular spiders.Time has flown by - but I'm still having a great time."
* My sister is a large size 18 but carries it well as she is nearly 6ft tall
I replied
"Glad YOUR having fun....get used to a SUDDEN drop in temperature baby, because it has been V cold here, although a current balmy 4c.There are no Kangaroo's because like the Aborigine's they have shot them all, any they have missed will have been incinerated in a bush fire, hence the lack of Koala's.
Judging from the reports in the papers you are lucky not to have been munched by a shark since they have started to come closer to the shore for food. You would have been fine though because humans do not carry enough fat on them to make us taste good....mmm, well most humans anyway... Bet you miss me!
I have finally been ill, "at last" you cry.. the usual sore throat aches and pains, Emin tended to my every need, NOT, luckily Daisy and Kitty went to Gemma's Mum's* house for the weekend, it was apparently HUGE the bathroom was MASSIVE and it even had GOLD TAPS so how can I possibly compete*. Emin did enquire as to whether it had enough room for them to move in, they were not amused. They very sensibly fed Kitty steak and chips so she was tolerable. I had to listen to her wax lyrical about the wedding cake for half an hour, oh joy. Carrot cake for the bottom tier, fruit cake for the middle tier, and chocolate sponge for the top tier, maybe not in that order, but you get the picture. Sadly no Ginky figurines on top, apparently Martin finally had an opinion on that part!
I have made the mistake of telling Daisy you will be in Hong Kong for a few day's she will I am sure, send you a list of a range of goods she is sure you will not mind purchasing for her! any fake Marni anything is good for me, especially the jewellery...or Prada... or Louis Vuitton. Just in case.
See you soon XXXX"
* Gemma is Daisy and Kitty's fathers girlfriend/wife to be. She is a size 6 and 16 years younger than me! well to be fair he was 10 years younger than me, you do the maths! but thats another story.
*Sorry but I hate gold taps but hid my revulsion well, I think.
I am feeling better, but I am still too tired to go to the Gym which I find really annoying.


materfamilias said...

Very funny exchange -- your sister's in for a rude awakening when she gets back to your English winter and all its realities.
Fun seeing that expression again -- I want never gets -- haven't heard it for years, but it used to be a common refrain, usually, of course, aimed at a child by some irritating adult, UNLEss I was the adult aiming it at an irritating child.

Anonymous said...

The necklaces look gorgeous, but don't you think they'd do your back in?! Which part of Australia is your sister in, how could she have not seen any kangaroo's? I hope she at least had a beer.

indigo16 said...

Oh I think she had plenty of beer. She was first in Perth, the Sydney then The Great Barrier Reef diving, what a life we could have sans children.