Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sally Gall

Images from here
Crawl is the beginning of my ongoing investigation into a part of our landscape we, as upright creatures, rarely take the time to think about. Infants know this world for a time. Picnickers and soldiers glimpse it. There is no more dynamic stage of life and death on earth than the first few inches above its surface. This is where prairies and forests are born. Here is where the bulk of our food comes from, and where all terrestrial creatures return when we die. Comforting, beautiful, frightening, strange--this is the terrestrial world. And it can only be discovered and known intimately on hands and knees.

I am currently trying to source resources for the students photography exam. Some of the themes are really good and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding photographers to help the students with their ideas, these are Buildings, Colour and Daily Travel.
The two that leave me cold are Sport and Technology, slim pickings there.
My absolute favourite images from today are these by Sally Gall. They came via the now ubiquitous The Year In Photography, which is now a resource in its own right.

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Janet said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! Thanks for the link.