Monday, 19 January 2009

The view from Hong Kong

My sisters last email she is now home

Hong Kong has been interesting. We have done the following with varying degrees of ease & interest:
- bought a tube ticket & negotiated my way round HK.
- visited Statue Squ
- it's just a square with a statue.
- crossed to Kowloon using the Star Ferry.
- walked around Kowloon being offered 'very good tailor' every 2 mins, I'm not sure what was wrong with my clothes.
- wandered around a park which had a flock of flamingo's.
- went to Victoria Peak - OMFG - it's high up. At one point we were higher than cruising airplanes - I swear! We ate the most expensive meal in the world up there.
- went to Temple Market, load of rubbish & hardly any fakes (so Alison - no LV or Marni).
- took a bus to Aberdeen & bartered a price for a tour on a sampan (we took one that looked like it was 2 days from sinking rather than the many that looked like they'd sink that day).
Took another bus to see a Buddha & other statues.
Took another bus to Stanley, nice harbour town. Went to a Spanish restaurant for lunch - go figure.
So I'm about to pack for the last time. Eat my last breakfast (alison the buffet in the hotel is so immense it would bring a tear to Kitty's eye). Then take my last epic flight back (hopefully not landing on the shark infested waters around HK).
Ps - Alison - she's your mum!

This last small sentence is LOADED with meaning. My sister and I often refer when talking about mother, to her as MY mum, This is now a bit of a joke which we use when either of us has had enough of her occasionally poor behaviour.
I can thus infer from the final sentence, that my sister has had enough of mother and will now need to put a few months between them both before renewing her acquaintance with her! So it is my turn now.

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materfamilias said...

Oh, if I didn't have siblings to share the mother-daughter responsibilities . . . I have to laugh at your post, though -- sounds as if you and your sister are playing tag -- "You're it!"