Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dear Daisy

I am very sorry I advised you to forsake Biology for Physics. I now realise that this was a big mistake and I have single handedly scuppered your dream of going to medical school. I realise that your failure to work beyond the hours of the school day has had absolutely no impact on your grades and that had you had the opportunity to take Biology all your dreams would have born the delicious fruit of an offer from Oxford. I of course now realise that with this goal would have come the necessary desire to achieve. It had nothing at all to do with your poor grades for this subject last year.
I realise that you work your socks off; it is just that I don’t see it. Yes, you are quite right I must be blind. Of course you must be exhausted which is why you have to go to bed when you get home every night and absolutely, you need to unwind by watching inane comedy clips on You Tube.
I must of course take full responsibility for your lacks-a-daisical approach to independent study, because I foolishly guided you through the early years collecting resources and helping present your projects. I confess I remain very proud of the A* that I gained (on your behalf) for that excellent piece on the ‘Long March’ and treasure still the letter of commendation you received from the Head Teacher.
Yes of course you are right to have taken my guidance for granted and by way of an apology I have of course spent most of yesterday tracking down a range of under graduate courses that will inspire and delight you for the next three years.
I appreciate that you will move out to your Nan’s house but I thought maybe just a little further might be in order, hence my suggestion of Dundee. It does have the very best reputation.
I realise that to secure such a prestigious place you will need evidence of a work experience placement and I can assure you that it is all hands to the deck on that front, and I promise to have your CV written by tomorrow.


materfamilias said...

By the early 20s mine were mostly decently behaved toward me again, and now we get along quite well, if it's any consolation. 16-19 there were many good times, but they could easily get eclipsed by the storms. Hang in there!

indigo16 said...

Oh she is an angel really, but so so lazy!