Thursday, 5 March 2009

Now that's what I call style

Nancy Cunard was always my No 1 style icon although..

image from here

The beautiful Georgia O'Keefe ran her a close second as I got older

image from here

But now jostling for first place is Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson by Richard Avedon

I do hope Paul Pincus does not mind me 'lifting' this from his blog. The image is so amazing and I have never seen it before. The more I see of Avedons work the more I love it. What a talent he has for bringing out the inner character of his sitters.
One of my year 13 students has been studying the work of Tim Walker who worked for Avedon and some of the stories she found about Avedons relationship with his sitters was fascinating, (far more so than most of Tim Walkers work sadly).

Now for some Sartorialist gold. This image is my favourite from this years shows

and this one too

images from here
This is not dissimilar to how I dress, give or take a few kilos! OK a lot of kilo's.
I am always slightly bemused at how Scott Schuman is able to take so many good images from both the New York, Milan and Paris shows and yet despite visiting London for the second time, very little has appeared on his own blog. I would have thought London has to be a brilliant place to record street style.
Can it be true that the Sartorialist doesn't 'get' London? (I mean this in the nicest possible way) or does it just rain far too much!


OMG I was trailing through some old posts when I saw the work of Zoe Arnold, finally the penny dropped, I taught her art. She was an amazing artist even at the age of 13, that she has gone on to produce work as exquisite as this is heartening.
True talent will always shine.
Flickr update, Seriously this is taking FAR too long, it looks good so far, but I am only up to 230 images and that has taken a week. The best place to load I have discovered is on Daisy's Apple Mac. I always thought they were over hyped but having used one they are, by a country mile the best P.C's to use ever.
Tomorrow I am dragging my poor year 12 students to the Photographers Gallery but I am itching to post a photograph of our new arrival if he would just sit still for 2 consecutive minutes


miss milki said...

It must be so cool to come across one of your former students and see that they're now a successful artist! :)

I love that Georgia O'Keefe portrait, definitely want to look like her when I get old - sadly I'm going to be plump and matronly and not a bit elegant!

I just got the Tim Walker Pictures book. I love his work because its pure escapism and fantasy - but there isn't really much behind it, or anything deep about it. its just really pretty and fun to look at but sometimes thats what you want! :)

twin palms road said...

I've often wondered about the Sartorialist and London too. He tends to go for a very chic look and I think London 'street style' is maybe too edgy.

I loved the black and white photographs you chose.

La Belette Rouge said...

Louise Nevelson is an endlessly inspiring icon of style. She amazes me.

Pamela Mann Hosiery said...

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