Monday, 2 March 2009

Whats New

The sun is out, the frogs are bonking, the birds are nesting, the trees are budding, the catkins cascading and we have a new arrival.*Spring has most definitely sprung. I took a break from labelling and uploading images onto Flickr, keeerist that takes along time. I feel like I am whittling a Giant Redwood with a blunt penknife. So as I have managed to loose a list of photographers to post, I will go a bit girly instead and feel the Marni love, or did I?
It was all a bit jumble sale for me, the kind of clothes that make you itch a little. I applaud the whole 'recycle grannies broken jewellery box' thing but somehow it lacked the swoon factor I have had of late.

And how much more Valerie Belin can a model get?

On the other hand a slice of divine from Paul Smith, I have always loved the whole lace & utility thing but add to this his knitwear and my favourite silhouette this was for me a sublime collection

Seriously how lovely are these two cardies?
* I will enlighten you all tomorrow!

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materfamilias said...

I'm with you on the cardigans -- love that skirt on the right as well.