Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pop goes Paris: Andy Warhol at the Grand Palais

In 1963, the art collector and taxi-firm founder Robert Scull thought the Marilyn treatment should be applied to his wife. Warhol accepted the commission, pushing Ethel Scull into an automatic ID-photo machine and forcing her to loosen up by telling her jokes. After a tour of booths and 300 passport snaps, he made a vast portrait of 36 images. "She felt she looked alive rather than dead on the canvas," Cueff said

I have seen two Warhol exhibitions this year, if nothing else he brings out the competitive streak in curators because each one I have seen appears to have as much time spent on presentation as was spent creating the art in the first place. This is not a criticism, I have always enjoyed his art more because it lends itself so well to such a wide range of visual interpretations. He is Art Teacher Gold.
Sadly I doubt I will see this one unless I pop! over for the day.

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materfamilias said...

Ooooh! That's going on this year's Paris must-see list. So glad to know it's on 'til July, so we won't miss it.
You're lucky to be able to compare the shows you've seen -- fascinating to note the different approaches to the same artist's work.