Thursday, 12 March 2009

Eva Gustavsson

This relationship was identified by recurring patterns, shapes or colours and the images derived from fragments and details of specific objects and places fixed or imprinted in my memory.

The method of working in series, groups and pairs were also reflected in the presentation of the work, where my intention was for the paintings to hang unframed closely together on the wall in the gallery allowing the viewer to make associations across the space.
This body of work comprised abstract paintings that were created in series or pairs, establishing a relationship between each image.

Eva Gustavsson, I have not featured paintings recently, primarily because the photography takes up more time ergo I see more photos than paintings however I am in the process of weeding my HUGE collection of journals down into a more manageable size and so I have been flicking through some very old a-n magazine back issues. Gustavsson's work appeared in a back issue from 1999! Told you I had issues.
The work very much resonates with my mood at present.

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