Thursday, 7 May 2009


For many years I have explored zones of uncertainty where something is becoming something else, these 

blurred moments where misrecognition is taking place before recognition, where mishearing is part of 

hearing, misunderstanding part of understanding. I am interested by the move of limits and boundaries 

between ‘it is’ and’ it isn’t’, by the play of appearances unfolding layers of reality

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I found the about photographer via this gallery's web site, which amazingly is just down the road from where I live so hopefully I will make there this weekend.

Viewfinder Photography Gallery

Painterly Photographs 

24 April to 17 May

Steven Spencer, Ben Ali Ong, Caroline Fraser and Benedicte Emsens

The exhibition rekindles historic debates as to the relationship between the painting and photography: if photography has established itself as an artform in its own right, why are some photographers drawing once again on painterly approaches? How does it change how we read a photograph when we're no longer sure if it is a photograph or a painting?


La Belette Rouge said...

The second one is my favorite. It looks like a document or an honuring of a wearing. So beautiful and evocative.

I was struck by the painterly-ness of Paul Outerbridge's work and for me that did give some kind of artistic gravitas to his work over photographs that look like photographs. Is this the antiquated notion that photography is more a craft than art that is influencing my reaction?

indigo16 said...

Oh this battle will rage on forever. I often question myself how it is that an image that took so little skill to create can be worth as much as a painting. It is all in the eye, our unique vision that is what we pay for.