Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A day in May in London

I have become increasingly enthralled by the work of Sandra Blow. There is currently a wonderful exhibition on at Beaux Arts London

On to the ubiquitous Berkley square for lunch

The squares in London are wonderful cleansing lungs. They are everywhere, many are public spaces but some are private but they make London the beautiful green space that it is. In a couple of weeks all squares will open there gates to the public. More details here

I saw this divine jewellery in a shop on South Molton Street. It is by Romy Derman

If you are ever in need of a calm space to powder your nose Fenwicks give you this heavenly slice of luxury. Seriously cross your legs and go up the escalator to the 4th floor. Perfect

Selfridges windows never fail to delight. Celebrating 100 years all the windows are yellow, Selfridges yellow.

When I was young I had the most fantastic apron covered in Batman slogans so these windows took me back to when times were a little more fun.

Launceston place, and the surrounding area maybe know as petite France but the buildings are so beautiful

unlike Paris the bikes in London are a little less loved!

An original window with such beautiful glass.

A place so posh they have rocking Zebras

I took these last week before the hell that is marking and moderating caught up with me. I had to endure Leyla whilst I moderated 39 folders of coursework, as it is half term she had nothing but homework for company. Not easy, I lost it by 2pm, not pretty.
Tomorrow I will finish the last of the paper work and I would like to say it will all be over but that will not happen until 16th of June. But I have a couple of away days planned to ease the pain including meeting mother. Sadly the girls went without me as I was too busy to go to Oxford. So mother and I will meet on Friday at the British Museum for a jaunt around the garden.


La Belette Rouge said...

I want a rocking zebra! Adorable.

Love your May day photos. I am taking more L.A. shots with you in mind. Perhaps they will look as exotic as these do to me.

indigo16 said...

Absolutley they will. I find taking photographs makes me explore my surroundings more and look harder too.
Have fun

materfamilias said...

love your photos, as usual, but now I get to track down the source! We're just settling in at the Alhambra (nr. King's Cross Station) and once we get a decent night's sleep I'll try to give you a call and see if we can meet (a bit out of it right now, due to the lack of sleep -- we've been up for 36 hours now, with only a brief nap this afternoon)

Mardel said...

Love the photos. They make me yearn to go back to London. Perhaps I shall just have to stroll around home, camera in hand.