Friday, 22 May 2009

Still marking

Well I put it off for too long and now it;s risen to bite my arse. Yes it's that marking time of year. Today I did not stop, 45 GCSE exams, 10 AS Level coursework folders and exams I still have 5 lots of 6 units from my A2 students and 45 coursework folders. Bang goes half term.
Add to the mix two fractious teenagers one of whom refused point blank to go to school today because it meant dressing up as a toy! The other is revising.
Add to this one bored senseless moron who appears to be paid for doing nothing at home, so of course he decided to dig up the paving from our drive. This is a man who starts, but NEVER knowingly finishes anything.
Add to this 333 photographs that need editing, an unwritten post about last weeks theatre visit and 5 necklaces that need threading. Oh and I want to go to the British Museum
Watch this space...

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