Sunday, 24 May 2009

Chelsea flower show

Not a vintage year, but great fun nevertheless. Far fewer gardens coupled with a paucity of nursery's showing in the marquee meant it was slim pickings on the image front.
I think it is time to rethink and encourage more colleges and amateurs t have a go as the corporate gardens have sucked the life out of what used to be an inspirational event.
P.S I edited all 333 images on Daisy's glorious laptop. I was using guest user so when she switched user the whole lot vanished. Luckily I still had not cleared the cameras memory card.


miss milki said...

I liked your photos of all the women wearing flowery clothes - very appropriate!

You're blog is always entertaining, beautiful and educational too - I've found some some great artists through your posts! For all that I've given you a lovely blog award.

La Belette Rouge said...

Ooh, it looks lovely to me. I particularly like the stone statue.

Rollergirl said...

My boyf's parents went as we gave them tickets for Christmas. Bless them, they tried to sound enthusiastic but I think it was a bit of a trial for them - v busy and 'nowhere to sit down unless you pay £10 for a pot of tea'!

indigo16 said...

miss milki, thank you so much, I do love appreciation despite what I say. I have a few good exhibitions to post soon.
Belette, I loved the statues too they reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy a little.
Finally Roller Girl just 3 hours kills my feet and stupidly I had been on them all day so I feel for your parents.