Thursday, 28 May 2009

Never try this at home

NEVER Have a shower and use a freebie from the draw without your glasses on, do not go slapping copious amounts onto freshly shaved legs, all I could see was 'Body Excellence' THE PAIN it really, really stings. I put my glasses on to read it was a serum, who the bloody hell puts serum on there body?

NEVER expect to sit down during half term, I ended up using up 3 days marking then schlepping round a hot and dusty capital with two low level irritants plus mother, who I exhausted!

NEVER agree to having a dog, it is always you that walks the bloody thing three times a day, I had such a headache yesterday, I pleaded with Emin to take him, No, not unless I come! WTF no matter how crap you feel no matter how crap the weather walk, walk, walk. Couple this with three little words that strike fear into any sane individual "can I come" Leyla and that dog on a retractable lead do not make for a calm end to your evening, or beginning to your day for that matter, yesterday she took out not one but two commuters hurrying to the station. Emin's idea of walking the dog is to open the back door, come back Kitty all is forgiven.

NEVER live with someone who works from home, EVERY single time I log on he comes and stands over my shoulder looking, I HATE people watching me when I write, I will be bloody grateful to be back at work.

NEVER buy a slice of homemade cake and look forward to eating it all day, you will be seriously disappointed, SERIOUSLY.

Never sit down to watch a DVD with a small child without checking the rating, Adrift in Manhattan has some REALLY explicit sex scenes. Great film though stunning cinematography.


La Belette Rouge said...

But walking is good for us.;-)

I am with you on not having someone working at home. That is my domain. I don't ever want to share it again.

Sorry the cake was bad.

Adrift in Manhattan is going in my Netflix cart. I want to see it for the cinematography.;-)

Mardel said...

I am so with you on not having someone working from home (or at this point even retired and hanging out at home). This was/is my domain. And I hate someone standing over me watching what I am doing, or standing over me listening to what I say on the phone.