Tuesday, 12 May 2009

House love - Shoe love

It is easy to take IT for granted, I am very lucky that I live with someone who is IT literate, one of his few saving graces. Despite moving to a new site at work the relentless litany of problems would fill its own blog.
One problem that has caused me unnecessary suffering is that the central server frequently crashes. Not with a bang but a sly whimper. The first time this happened I did not realise and lost not one but four documents, all vanished into cyber ether. It happened again yesterday but I now know the signs and have learnt to whip a memory stick in before I lose more work. I still struggle without access to my blog. I can read others sans pictures but not comment. By the time I get home and remember, my comment is buried at the bottom, its momentum lost.
Yesterday I had to install a simple programme on Kitty’s computer, to do this we had to empty a lot of stuff, as her memory is nearly full. Still no joy, it took Emin 3 hours to unravel and install the programme, he sat muttering about the amount of crap the girls have managed to unknowingly install and that “nothing in IT is simple”
I failed to go to my exhibition on Sunday because I had foolishly agreed that if Emin endured State Of Play I would in return sit through Star Trek. Whoop-di-doo! Not quite the gentle pace that I remember, with wobbly sets and wooden acting.
I was exhausted.
Watching the trailers. he rubbed his hands with glee at the prospect of Terminator. Oh bloody joy, there must be a special brew that actors drink to give them this ‘rusty nails’ growl, refreshingly the baddie was an American for a change rather than the usual British stooge and this was one angry baddie, and trust me you wouldn’t like him if he was angry!

On a more upbeat note I would love to get my hands on this magazine. I have a few copies of the British version but I bet the homes in the India version are gorgeous, a perfect antidote to the bitterly cold north easterly winds cutting me in half at the moment
I have just looked at the British web site which is surprisingly user friendly.
Enjoy the house porn.

You might be forgiven for thinking that I have a bit of a thing for white paintwork and reclaimed wood, and you would be right. I love it. Sadly I live in a VERY colourful house greens reds pinks and blues. Only our bedroom is white. One day....
Now for a little shoe porn

The 3.1 phillip lim for Tatami but out of my price range.

This gorgeous sandal is not

and this one, all from Scholl
I am going to try them all, wish me luck. I have been topping up my scrap book, and I have just printed some pages from The Sartorialist I am not a little surprised at how many images show women wearing flats.


La Belette Rouge said...

I want one of those houses. All that white and light and space and lovely simple things. Nice.

And, I am strangely drawn to the Philip Tam shoes. I usually don't like shoes that could be mistaken for a Birkenstock but those are cute.

materfamilias said...

First off, sorry LBR but I love my Birkenstocks with the long T-thong in metallic silver and I'd love to get a pair in the purple patent they have right now. Nothing like a Birk sole for tons of city walking. Sorry. I like the ones you've posted as well, Alison.
Also love all that clean white interior domestic space -- looks so restful yet full of possibility. My place is like yours with much colour -- have to admit I love that as well!
Finally, while I have missed you the last few days and wondered what was going on, I did finally see your comment last night and I assure you that no matter how late yours arrive, they never get forgotten! Hope the computer situation resolves soon.

indigo16 said...

Come on Belette just try a pair they are soooo comfy tou will never go back to those heels!
Yes materfamilias, it is so bad I am currently typing my comments and copying and pasting them at night after pleading with Kitty for some time on her computer.

La Belette Rouge said...

I admire, trust and respect both you and Mater's opinion on so many things. However, I am drawing a line in the sand when it comes to the Birks. NEVER!!!;-)