Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The view from here

Yep the fugliest dog in the world.

A joy to have but a pain in the butt at night as he is STILL a bed wetter, nappies for dogs perhaps?

This post from The Year in Pictures really jarred on me.

Let’s start by saying American photography so dominates the medium as to make other countries’ contribution a footnote. So we’re really choosing the most iconic photograph of all times.


Lange- ne Nutzhorn-German

Capa- Hungarian

Eisenstadt- Austro Hungarian

Abbott- ne Nemerov – Russian*

This list is by no means accurate but illustrates my point.

America dominates, should really read Eastern Europe dominates, just as it did with painting and architecture after in the early part of the 20th Century. The boarders of most of Europe were wooly and very mercurial from the late 19th Century onwards but in my opinion it could be argued by some one more articulate than I that America has built it’s reputation on the refugees of Fascism and Communism. ( now that IS a sweeping statement) 

America is to be applauded for its open minded attitude  to new technology when much of Western Europe was dogged by tradition and expectation. America without a doubt gave rise to some amazing photographic images. Revolution and War took its toll on Europe but I for one was a little disappointed by this blanket generalisation from someone I thought would have the experience and knowledge to come out with such a xenophobic generalisation. But that is the beauty of this medium; it is all about opinions and the freedom to express them which is why so many headed for America.

On a more domestic front I took Daisy to see Time and the Conways by JB Priestly. on at the National Theatre . I had read an Inspector Calls and loved it, but did not know much about this play, it resonates as much today as it must have done when it was first staged in 1939. References to poor government, shady financial practises all thrown into the heady mix of a typically dysfunctional family. There were moments of extreme discomfort for me as Mrs Conway  morphed into my mother. Scary stuff, brilliantly acted. We saw it before the press review I much prefer it that way as no matter how fair they are they can often taint and misdirect your feelings.

My mother has put her house up for sale. Originally she had intended to move to York but recently she has been toying with moving to London. I think she feels she would have more to do and my girls would obviously want to be round her house 27/7. 

Sister 2 lives in York in one of those houses that should be condemned as a hovel with my psycho weirdo Goth of a niece, add this heady mix of company to some octogenarian friends riddled with a range of ailments too lengthy to list and I can kind of see her dilemma. So I walked around and found her a few to look at. Leyla approached the task with the enthusiasm that only an 8 year old could muster up. Every single house with a for sale sign got the once over. many were out of the price range at which point Leyla demanded that I should help pay. My reluctance to do so she found offensive, after all she could have a bedroom AND a playroom in some of the larger properties. 

I don't have the heart to tell her it's only a maybe  not a definite.

 Finally after tonight I am bereft of my absolute most favourite TV show. Yep mad men is over, I could cry. A weekly slice of perfection beyond compare. Like a walking, talking William Eggleston. Each frame was  just a delight. Once I got over the slowness of pace and the constant smoking and drinking I warmed to the series enormously, unlike the author of this article I found the sexism less surprising, although my intense loathing of 'Don' intensified throughout the series maybe I am more pragmatic. My one consolation is I have yet to see series 1. 


materfamilias said...

I've been missing Mad Men ever since I finished watching Season 1 on DVD last year -- now that you're bereft (i.e. the current season is over) I can anticipate more happiness as they put out a DVD of Season 2!
Your fugly dog is very cute -- I'm still missing mine.

La Belette Rouge said...

Stop...your fugly dog is NOT fugly. Did you do crate training? That really helped us train Lily to potty train very fast.

I haven't had time to miss MadMen. I am hooked on The Tutors; Lost; In Treatment. And, soon, Weeds will be back on and then summer will be here and Mad Men 3 will be on.