Saturday, 9 May 2009

The view from here

There was something rather sad that these flowers were so easily discarded after the student had finished photographing them. The students sat a 15 hour exam over 3 days, unlike the old days of developing and printing their film this exam ran very smoothly. No tears as film was over developed or under exposed, any images that were too dark were quickly lightened.
I suggested a montage, did she use scissors? No, two clicks and 2 hours of relentless cutting was done in moments.
Are the end results better? Strangely no, neither are they any worse. I personally hate Photoshop I will not use it, but I can appreciate that they prefer to work that way. Even annotation is quicker typed than written by hand.
Whilst they slogged I trawled through some old Vogues and put together a scrap book including topping up my jewellery ideas. I decided in my usual perverse way that having eschewed colour for a cleaner palate I needed to add a brighter slice, and so took back this lime green cardie I had given Daisy.

Worn with a black tunic and wide leg trousers I love it.
I took Daisy to Victoria today and put her on a bus to mothers. She has a lot of revision which is difficult in this house of chaos. She will return on Friday when we will go and see a performance of Ibsen's Dolls House, one of my favourite plays. On the way back I bumped into these Morris Dancers.

Can you spot the ice cream?

Not a drop was spilt!

I loved all the hats

These two were fantastic

The jewellery was pretty funky too.

This takes me right back to my childhood which was rather idyllically spent in a village in West Yorkshire. I remember Morris dancers in the square often clutching a pint. It maybe pagan but it is great fun and I hope it is a tradition that does not die out.


materfamilias said...

I love your necklace! what a great combo with the green against the black.
Also love these photos -- you really get sharp colours, details, such vivid and enticing shots.

Northmoon said...

I saw these Morris dancers too! Sadly I was in my car and couldn't stop, so thanks for your photos of the great details.

I love that they are still around, such a great public gift.

La Belette Rouge said...

The necklace is fantastic. The flowers are sad. The photos are beautiful. You really have a fantastic eye( that is why you are the teacher).

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indigo16 said...

Thank you everyone. I have to credit the camera as well as myself. It does very well for on the spur moments.