Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The view from here

I have had this Kettles Yard private view invitation on my mood board for years. I have never tired of it. It seems as fresh an image today as when it first arrived.
The image is by Frances Kearney
It s such a calm still image in stark contrast to the reality of living with children of this age.

This is a page from an old Habitat catalogue. I love the composition, but look closely and the reality is a draughty leaky barn! but I love the lifestyle envy it tries to sell.

This is another Kettles Yard Private view invitation this time for the architect Serge Chermayer. Again I love the whole look, but again on closer inspection that sofa looks like a classic square arse killer. But I would love to live in the house for the art work alone.

I cut this picture from a very old Casa Vogue I have not got a clue who this woman is, but she epitomises everything I want to be.
I just LOVE that whole look of stripy top and boyfriend jeans. Real life style envy and I just wish I had made a note of her name.

Lastly a page from American Elle. I have always liked the way this magazine is edited by Giles Bensimon and I also love many of the photo shoots he has done for Elle over the years.
This little mood board is lovely, and I can now thank Disney Roller Girl for pointing me in the direction of the most fantastic stripy top mail order website
I have been salivating over which colour combination I want all week. I still cannot decide, they are all too lovely.
Back at the chalk face I have been dividing most of my time between getting to grips with the scanner and rewriting all the bloody curriculum's the government seems to enjoy changing.
My job seems to be a never ending circle of planning. But images like these keep me going.


La Belette Rouge said...

I tell you that ever since I got my Jcrew stripey tee I am wearing scarfs, listening to French music and applying quick dashes of red lipstick. Why? Well, like you I covet the lifestyle of everything this is implied in that second to last photo.I want to be her. And, I LOVE the Elle photo. Le sigh!

materfamilias said...

I just got new boyfriend jeans -- now I need that striped top! I love all the photos in this post, but that last one . . . Oui!

Mardel said...

I want a stripey tee. Why is there no J Crew near me! I shall have to check out your link. I love that Elle photo

And I adore the first picture of the girl with the hoop, as if time has stopped, filled with promise.

Ahh dreams.

indigo16 said...

Oh yes a stripy t will be mine..