Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have been somewhat melancholic these last couple of days, I know not why, but I have sat like a tit in a trance for two whole days with little to show for my efforts.
I had wanted to share a little lifestyle envy with you all, but the scanner appears to have a loose lead and quite frankly I could not be bothered to send for help.

I did rather bizarrely count up how many oil paint's I had..a whopping 30, and so ordered 10 more.. I now no longer fear yellow so topped up my range, plus one of the blues cost over £16, thank god I don't have to pay, perks of the job and let me tell you it is slim pickings on that front.

It did not help that I awoke on Wednesday convinced it was Thursday and failed to realise for a whole 20 min's, that set the tone I can tell you. I think the primary problem is a lack of focus, I have completed hours of research and now I have a pile of marking, having lost count of how many reports I have written,
Looking at all the journals is not something I look forward to, I feel I give and give themes ideas and let me tell you I have great ideas but the way these kids butcher them is soul destroying.

I never knew there was such a thing as a blue moon, I use the phrase constantly but apparently this IS a blue moon.
It was New years Eve and just as we came around the bend I saw what was the biggest moon I had ever seen, I begged him to stop but had to wait for a safe place, not long, but long enough for it to have lost some of its impact.
I was going to tout my Cypriot images around some place but do not feel I achieved much in the end, I know we will be returning next year so I am going to wait and see if I cannot plug some of the gaps I feel are there. If I have one problem it is my propensity to over romanticize the place and I need to stop doing that, plus people, I need to photograph more people.

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materfamilias said...

I just went through a set of marking that had me feeling a bit discouraged as well -- and if, on top of that, I'd found out there was suddenly an extra day to get through in the week, whoa!!
As for the blue moon, some of my fellow islanders pointed out its occurrence on New Year's Eve, but we barely got to see it in the stormy night -- your photo's gorgeous, evocative with that winding road.
I love your Cyprus photos, would definitely go to a show of them, but I suppose if you shop them around after your next trip, there will be even more, even better . . .