Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It's raining again

If ever a photograph captured London it's this one. The tube sign, the umbrellas, the traffic lights and just a smidgen of a red bus, all typify to me at least, what it is that makes London, Oh and the rain, the relentless bloody rain.
My Mother is once again snowed under but down south we have this. I once bought a children's picture book that described each month as seen through the eyes of a London dweller, I loved the book but can't find it anywhere, the illustrations were so evocative of what it is like to live here.

So what have I been up to?

Well after a shopping trip in Bromley with Daisy and Leyla a promising combination, that went very wrong when Daisy failed to acquire a pair of shorts she wanted, Leyla of course found all she desired and was able to spend her vouchers from Christmas, so Daisy visibly riled decided the only panacea to her disappointment was to go shopping in Primark, after what seemed like eternity I was £40 lighter and Leyla as we were to discover later was short of her Nintendo DS which she had left somewhere in the shop. On a pissed off scale of 1 - 10 I was a frazzled 11.

So I decided to reward her carelessness with a trip to Tate Britain where I dragged her sorry arse around the Chris Ofili exhibition. She loved it and then proceeded to spend an hour creating a sculpture with various sundries from the art trolley.
Just in case she did not get the message I took her for a pizza too. What she won't be getting is a new DS!

Rather than go to Victoria and walk down the windiest road in the world, we went to Charing Cross and got the wonderful 89 which winds it's way past the Houses of Parliament along the river to the Tate. We had the top deck to ourselves which cheered Leyla no end.

Sometimes it's nice just to kick back and enjoy the view.

The view from here...

looks so Photoshopped, but it is not.

The exhibition was great and the week finally came to an end with a bit of a bang as Leyla had yet another Tai Kwando tournament and gained her second silver medal. Just in case she did not feel indulged enough Emin decided to take her to see Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, words cannot do justice to this film. Total purgatory.


Romany said...

Stunning photos. I absolutely cannot wait to go to London one day...

La Belette Rouge said...

LOL!!!!!!! "I decided to reward her carelessness with a trip to Tate Britain ". One girl's hell is another gal's heaven.
The photoshop seeming photo is really beautiful.

materfamilias said...

Gorgeous photos!
And your funny, funny stories about childrearing! I miss some of those days, but then you remind me . . .