Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I love you so much, I cleaned the loo

A small victory I will enjoy the moment..Oh there it goes.
I am half way through the week of nothing to look forward too.
I tried on Monday to muster up some entertainment, I went up to London early in an attempt to find some innocuous pumps for my orthopedic feet, no joy at all. I thought I might catch a couple of exhibitions, ha, stupid is.. as they say. Monday is NOT a good day for visiting they were all closed of rehanging, I peered through many a window and that was it. I tried on copious amounts of clothing neither needed or as luck would have fitted, so money saved. All this in murkey drizzle not fit to lift my camera up for, so slim pickings on the visual front too.
My painting class was awesome, we have a new teacher who is great. Says it as it is. We had to spend half an hour mixing flesh tones, yes you guessed it, the first of the life classes. I mixed over 30 tones which stopped him in his tracks I can tell you, just call me Mr Max Factor, he dismissed 10 of them as too pale and then we had to paint not with a brush but a palette knife, I loved it. I have never done it before but what fun, he gave wise and sage criticism that really moved the painting on and by the end I felt I had not made a bad fist of it. He marveled at the thickness with which I applied the paint wondering if it would dry this side of Christmas, God knows how I will get it home, but hey I loved it. I can thoroughly recommend life painting as an excellent de-stresser, truly.
Talking of love, I love my new COS dress but sadly so does every teeny, tiny, little bit of fluff that floats around my bedroom, we have a cream carpet and a leaking duck eiderdown so the overall effect is to make me look like I've been tarred and feathered. The previous Velcro magnet was a black cardie which I would lovingly defluff only for it to be covered the minute I put it on. So whilst I will never look very smart wearing it I will still love it.
Yesterday was spent doing all those grim jobs I put off, luckily Emin had meetings so the house breathed a quiet sigh of relief for a while. I am currently entertaining Leyla whilst two teenagers sleep, trust me this is a good thing they are cheaper than when they are awake
I know I will receive scant sympathy, hey it's all about the holidays with us teachers isn't it? Well this mornings rise and shine was at my usual ungodly hour, Emin managed to wake me as he rolled his sorry arse out of bed, he then bellowed at the top of his voice that the dog had not only pissed twice but pooed as well, I lay there wondering why I needed to know this, If I get up I clean it up without any fanfare at all, so up I get, turns out he just wanted some company. What the fuck is the dog for then?


auntiegwen said...

I wondered how I would feel when I gave up teaching re holidays.
I am given 27 days AL in my new job and as I do 3 days it equates to 9 weeks, so 4 less than teaching.
But when I am at home, I am at home, I have no prep, marking or planning, I am just at home. I now have evenings and weekends (well, less looking after teenagers)

Having the most stressful time re L's UCAS application, having chivvied her up to enquire after her first choice who haven't even sent an acknowledgement, she now has to expand on her choice, she did and now it will spend another 21 days with the admissions tutor.

Keep your fingers etc crossed and I will do the same for you, or has she got the offer she wants????

Sorry, big long essay today, hope you're feeling good.

Much love xxx

La Belette Rouge said...

"Too pale"? Really? Even in London. I thought one only heard that in L.A. where spray tans are the norm.
I am so excited for you that you are painting. Hope you share your work here on the blog.
p.s. LOVE today's title.

indigo16 said...

auntie Gwen, Daisy got all her offers in and has gone for York and Durham. Both very high but she could do it. It was along with just about everything else she does a very stressful time. If she fails to get the grades I will make her get a job for a year and then she can have a think about a vocational course.
I should of course have taken photos and will next week, it is just that the light is so poor in the drying room and as I'm using oil paints that is a lot of drying!