Friday, 26 February 2010

The episode in which I turn to the internet for help

Oh enough of the moaning about my bloody feet I hear you cry. Tough I love to moan and at the same time there may be some other poor podiatry challenged sod out there in the blogsphere who needs to feel some empathy who knows...
So I wanted to replace my PF flyer's, they have served me well but they are absolutely on their little knees, I searched the hard way without success and so Googled them, and here is pair number one. Not black I grant you but so what. They are from Schuh-online
Not my first port of call in a shopping centre but this is where Google led me and so thank you Google and thank you Schuh for having the most user friendly web site I have navigated for a long while.
They were reduced to a Billy bargain £25 and only in my size!

OK I realise that the above trilogy leaves a lot to be desired Tommy Ton will not be tripping up over his camera strap to get a shot of me strolling past wearing any of these.
Still I remembered some sage advice my sister gave me and that was fat feet should shop where..well you know what I mean. This worked a treat when she took me shopping for some shoes for an interview a while back I bought some plain leather ballet pumps which have lasted for over 2 years, so I went online to Evans - Plus Size and found these three. I will not keep all three but like my sister I need to embrace mail order (which being time poor she uses all the time) it is far less frustrating and probably even when you factor the 3 mile queue at the Post Office still better than schlepping around up town in the pouring rain.

Which brings me to my final quandary. How beautiful are these baby's? I nearly threw up when I bought them they cost so much, but sometimes, just sometimes I think fuck it I work hard, (well ish) so why not, they are from here can you imagine the face of my receptionist when they arrive!
Talking of arrivals, that mac I ordered is just completely DIVINE I love it and I am so amazed how lucky I was that they had my size, now I just have to get it past Emin....

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