Wednesday, 24 February 2010

So if it's raining....

I need a mac, yes I KNOW I have a lovely black rain coat from +J Uniqlo and a very Columboesque number from Kew. But when I saw this I just had to have it.. So I duly went to Debenhams, not my usual port of call, I had tripped over the mac on the internet via a link to something totally unconnected. Betty Jackson is the only designer range I will give house room to the rest is pants.
I am always stunned that any designer will put their name to a collection that is clearly a world away from anything you would see in their shop. John Rocha is a prime example of this.
Of course the mac had sold out but online it had only my size left, serendipity surly? So I bit the bullet and ordered it, watch this space....
This is a pound shy of £90, which when you think how much a cardie in Jigsaw cost is a bargain, IF it fits.
I have very much of late fallen out of love with Jigsaw, which when you consider how many years I have been spending money in that place is a bit of a shock. The problem is everything is so flimsy, fine for floating around whilst someone else cooks, cleans pays your bills and paints your nails. Not so fine if you are a mother, teacher etc. clothes from Toast, Uniqlo, Muji etc are far more robust.
My other gripe is that they are cut slightly on the small side, you used to get XL at the beginning of a season but now obviously as a cost cutting exercise this has gone and so now they cling rather than hang elegantly.
I would not mind so much if like Kookai and Mango their target audience was slim, trim and young. But the founder and owner of Jigsaw is a generous size 16 and should know better.
Second gripe of the week is....where the hell have all the pumps gone? The magazines are full of towering heels, yet yesterday at my evening class every woman was wearing flats. Where is the choice? I am so tired of schlepping around in the vain hope of finding some nice pumps, all there is to be seen is Converse, great, but I want a change. Can magazine editors, specifically the newspaper supplement ones, not wake up to the fact that some of us need a rest from vertiginous shoes that are proven to cripple us, you know which Victoria I'm talking about here.


La Belette Rouge said...

When I see those shoes that you speak of I just can't take them seriously. It feels like a joke and that the editors and designers are standing back in their Prada loafers to see if we are going to get the joke. Or is that just me getting old?;-)

I hope the coat is all you hope it to be.

materfamilias said...

You and I seem to share a weakness for coats -- I wonder if it's because our climates are similar. Hope the mac works out.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Check out the Jimmy Choo website, I like their flat pumps. Totally agree with you regarding Jigsaw, I want their Breton top, but online not in an XL, why are some garments in XL but all the ones you want only go up to an L?

indigo16 said...

Belette you are so right about the loafers I always scan the footwear of women up town and very rarely see anyone wear the shoes seen in magazines.
Mater, yes we share the same moist weather! and if we have to cover up for 8+months of the year I am learning to do it in style.
Looking fab, glad I am not the only one frustrated by Jigsaw, they have obviously stopped XL as a cost cutting exercise which is very short sighted since once I stop going in the shop I stop buying their accessories too!
Sadly the Jimmy Choos are not cut for fat feet!

auntiegwen said...

Love the mac, I wonder if it would be too long for me?