Friday, 5 February 2010

More blue..

A recent treat to myself, I have become not a little obsessed by these glass beaded necklaces from Toast. This one was sold with two other thinner ones that in my mind looked odd so I separated them and hooked this one round my neck and tied the back up with a ribbon. I love it especially with grey.
I managed to tick my 'need it' boxes remarkably quickly, which should negate any future purchases, yeah right. This image is tiny but the the belt is divine, made of very soft thin leather. It feeds into a buckle that makes it sit perpendicular, a look I really like, both above and below from the ubiquitios COS

No I do not yet own this, and probably I have missed the size I need, but toes and fingers crossed it will be swinging from a rail on Monday waiting for me.
I am in the sartorial doldrums at the moment, I am too scared to put my shoes on in case they do not fit, I am so tired of layers, I mean thermal vest over a vest under a jumper under a cardie. I feel so bundled up, I just want to feel lighter, but I have an almost pathological hatred of feeling cold and so on and on it goes. What I find even more soul destroying is that many of the people I work with do not seem to feel the cold and so float around in thin jersey tops.
Am I a reptile or something?
Apropos of nothing Mad Men, already on episode 3 and let me tell you as good as ever. Love it and now I know the team styled Tom Fords new film I will try and see that too, although chances are slim unless it has a battle scene in it...does it? if so I will have Emin on board or does anthropomorphisise animals? in that case I will have Leyla on board, or.. is it a bit art house? in which case I will suck it up and wait for the DVD


auntiegwen said...

Ooh, now I want that top too but I am currently not shopping as due to the not running and copious eating I am a fat auntie.

A fat and stupid auntie

materfamilias said...

Yes, I'm beginning to get a bit impatient for lighter clothes as well, and we haven't had a tough winter at all. I'm crossing fingers and toes that you'll get that lovely grey tunic . . .