Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lifestyle envy

The RA magazine often features the workspace of arty farty's reading between the lines they are invariably sans children and so have ceramics on show and the money to dabble in real art.

I have this picture pinned to my work room wall, I love the orderliness of it as well as the eclectic mix of paintings and ceramics, even the light is well considered.
But it is this flat I love, those flats in the Barbican are wonderful and even though I am not a fan of the area I covet a crash pad there. This flat features so much art I love including the wonderful Margaret Mellis collage on the desk.
Spending a week at home made me determined to try and improve our home environment, I have a plan that I will hatch at Easter to update and refresh the place in an effort to make it a bit more orderly, this will include;
Completely updating Leyla's bedroom furniture wise
Putting back the original doors
Painting the landing
Replacing the shower in the girls bathroom
Dressing the shelves in the living room
Swapping a chest of draws with the girls
All I need is a van and a handy-man for a couple of days, I have furniture scattered around that once rounded up will transform Leyla's room. I have a week to do it, but more importantly the desire too.

If you click on this it may be a little more easy to read.

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