Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The best spin doctor is the sun

It can make everything seem just a bit better, can't it? Finally, walking the dog becomes a pleasure as clear Sky's finally appear slashed by vapour trails, on a cold crisp spring morning
I have finally rejoined my old gym as a fire in my local gym appears to have closed the leisure center for some considerable time. The down side to the sun finally shining is that it highlights the smut ridden window sill's and the ever increasing Miss Havishamesque cobweb situation.
After a couple of weeks I began to feel less sprightly so realised I needed some exercise. It is less convenient but a necessary evil to stave off that ever thickening waistband.
On Sunday I was serenaded by Leyla's violin, which was more pleasurable than you might think.
I received a range of homemade cards and by a fortuitous series of events Daisy's card actually came true. Having hit the gym in the morning, walked the dog twice and cooked dinner, Leyla was invited out to dinner and Emin went out too and so this was me drooling on the sofa. There is one thing not quite right here, no way would that dog sit on the floor, Prince of Pamper would be asleep on the opposite sofa.

Measure for Measure was excellent, as was the meal at Le Mercury beforehand. Delicious in fact. Sea Bass on a bed of crushed new potatoes and a pesto sauce.
Green Zone was bearable but ultimately depressing.

And this segment helped bring light to the darkness that was Daisy's latest set of exam results.
She has turned over a new leaf, she is now on Volume 2.

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materfamilias said...

What a lovely card your daughter made you! -- was it Mother's Day there? (ours is in May) or is your birthday right near Belette's?
whicheve, sounds as if you've had a range of good things happening -- enjoy! you deserve!