Monday, 22 March 2010

"What do you want for breakfast?" "Have we got Cornflakes?" "Yes" "I'll have Shreddies"

So Friday night I collect Kitty and we do a 'dummy run' of her journey to Canary Wharf for work experience, which was just as well as she was actually based at Heron Quays.
Mission accomplished I was going to head over to John Lewis to try ONCE again to get some moisturiser, however Kitty was hungry and so rather than attempt to locate a Pizza place her eyes alighted on Wagamama, and Kitty does rather love her chicken ramen so problem solved. After, I was just too tired to schlepp over to John Lewis and since there was a Boots opposite I decided to just get some No7 stuff instead, quicker and cheaper. I do have some Chanel stuff I bought earlier in the month but it just sits on my skin and has given me spots. What a waste of £40! The No7 is lovely, sinks in and feels great.
Whilst we were in Boots I suggested to Kitty that rather than her usual black mascara she try a plum one. My sister who is also blond thinks it is a softer colour and looks less Gothic. We had to navigated the Benefit's make up artist who sadly looked like she may have applied her make up in a darkened broom cupboard, less is more was not her mantra. Still the mascara was a triumph if a little expensive for a 14 year old, but having drunk 2 glasses of Pino Grigio I felt no pain.

Sunday was considerably more painful as a few odds and sods for Leyla amounted to a whopping £60, How is it that the detritus of life costs so much? Where is the pleasure?
As a birthday treat I allowed Leyla to have packed lunches for the next couple of weeks, this is a source of amusement to colleagues who are tickled that a child could perceive that a packed lunch is a treat, but I hate preparing them so with the exception of Daisy make sure they eat school dinners. I had of course forgotten that Kitty too would need one and so I had to make 4 different lunches this morning on top of four breakfasts, the orders of which I take the night before!
Breakfast, see header. No logic to that conversation.
Lunch, two soft rolls, one with egg mayonnaise, one with coronation chicken.
Breakfast, Weetabix x3, tea with three sugars STIRRED
Lunch, crusty french baguette with tuna & sweetcorn mayo
Breakfast, tea no sugar, porridge with sugar
Lunch, 3 cookies, some hand cooked cheese and onion crisps, grapes and two tuna & sweetcorn rolls, soft.
Breakfast, 2 toasted T cakes wrapped and taken to school.
Lunch, two cheese rolls one for break, one for lunch with some soup.
Breakfast, dog food soaked in hot water mixed up with the rest of Daisy's Shreddies!

I now have 2 bloody weeks of making the above.

Spring has sprung and I walked past a bush on the way to school this morning and realised it was releasing the most heavenly scent. This bush was thriving on one of those gruesome wind swept desolate streets that Medway towns do so well, so lovely was the smell I doubled back to snap off a branch just before side stepping some pigeon entrails. Like I say only in a Medway town. The plant we have identified as Winter Flowering Honeysuckle, a curiously ugly shrub with a divine smell.

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auntiegwen said...

EBD has the benefit plum mascara, looks lovely with her big brown peepers, I might try it and see what it does for my wrinkled old green eyes