Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I survived but only just

In the end I took 3 of Leyla's friends plus Daisy and Kitty. The hit my poor wallet took was immense, although I had cunningly opted for a home cooked birthday tea which went into the weekly shop that Emin's pays for.. Ha result. So they had pizza slices, kettle crisps, tiger prawns, olives and cherry tomato's! you may arch your eyebrows but most of it was eaten. This after they had consumed a large box of popcorn, half a box of chocolates and a bag of Dorrito's in the cinema!
The film was shall we say less than the sum of it's parts. Each character stolen from other better productions and I didn't even get to see my Robin Hood trailer.
Friday I met Kitty after work, I rarely collected them from school yet whenever I did always welled up with emotion such is the amazing joy I get when I see small children going home. Now I well up because she looks so grown up. We ended up in a pretty soulless Pizza Express simply because I had a raging headache and had lost the will to live after failing to navigate the labyrinth of Canary Wharf shopping center which is scythed in two by the DLR so the only way to traverse it is to go down and under, or as Kitty worked out wait for a train and run through the carriages to the other side!
We spent an age trying to find Leyla a nice outfit in Zara, rather horrifyingly the kids clothes now cost the same as adults which when you consider how quickly they grow is cruel. Kitty fleeced me royally too.
The exam season is now underway and I am busy preparing stuff to take with me on holiday next week, I am hoping to paint, but may like Barbabra Hepworth did with her first bursary just look and absorb. We shall see.

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materfamilias said...

sounds like a successfuly b.d. party, altho' you've slowed down my interest in getting to that film while it's still on the bigscreen.
The whole prep-for-holidays thing almost makes them not worth doing, sometimes . . . almost . . .