Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I hear it is cold in Paris, Ha, welcome to my world.

Feel the love at Celine, what a joy this show was, So many coats, so little time, clearly the weather is the driving force behind a number of shows. Not least the amazing coats at Burberry last week. My new mantra is clearly having an effect on others...!

The above two silhouettes are particular favourites as layering is always flattering.

I love tunics too, again flattering for those mid life middle aged spreads. I do appreciate that shorter people find this look hard though.

I want both these coats.

Junya Watanabe is a brilliant show too if you get time to look. Again awesome coats.
I managed to survive a second shopping trip with Kitty, I was this time wise to her ways and it was something of a revelation too in terms of seeing what is available to skinny girls.
Did you know skinny girls have problems too? I didn't. I have spent a lifetime grouchily grabbing the bottom garment from any pile in the vague hope they still had the largest size left, and I'm not even that big. Kitty is tiny yet a lot of what she tried on was either too small. too tight .or the neck line would gape so much it was not decent. Tight straight skirts made her look like a giraffe swallowing an orange and for this reason she would not even try on some jodpur style trousers.
When Kitty was little I caught her wearing 8 pairs of knickers in an effort to create some hips, she now has them (hips that is) she has decided she would rather send them back. She once as a child swore she would NEVER wear jeans, she now loves them. She instead was a huge fan of those hideous velour track suits.
Whereas Daisy, she of the hourglass figure, embraces most styles, creating a king of grunge meets Doris Day.
Kitty has developed a far more pared down approach that involves layering two thin t-shirts under a long cardie over a very short skirt. One particular high fashion style detail looks particularly stunning on her and it is those tops with built up shoulders, they make her look like a woman, which is a bit of a shock for me having treated her like a baby for so long.
I also learnt that she too struggles to find her size, how so? well clearly what suits the petite sells quickly, the scaled up version rarely looks as good and so much of what looks good on her only has the larger sizes left. Likewise this happens to me, but in in reverse.
I guess that maybe manufacturers should be more sensitive to this and we would end up with a lot less waste.
Kitty is now good to go, although that is our secret as she is now going to do the same shopping trip with her step mother, even she now sees the benefit of being able to tap two mugs!

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