Friday, 5 March 2010

The episode in which I spend a week in slow motion

Seriously where does the time go? In between lesson observations, pushing paperwork from a-b, parents evenings..Then dealing with the girls and their parents evenings and other 'events' that have occurred this week....Then beginning to make some serious progress with my painting, no time I tell you, no time. Oh teaching I forgot about the teaching.
I wanted to post this week a lengthy diatribe about a piece in the Times praising older french women, read it yourself if you have time. I wanted to rant that hey, the only thing that actually separates us is a sense of humour and a sexy accent. That's what I think anyway. Oh and why is it than when anyone talks about French women and style they are invariably talking about Parisians. Style is VERY different south of Paris It is not called Vogue Paris for nothing.
I also think we are good at the shops too, I have plenty of choice it is just the choice of SIZES stocked the irks me.
So that is one rant in a nutshell.

Second rant is about the effing non existent train service, seriously I have caught the right train ONCE this week, 3 were cancelled and one day I took the car because I had to be in three places at the same time. I spend my entire time in an overheated out of breath state of dishevelment.
I thought my painting lesson on Monday night was crap, yet curiously it raised so many questions, I just need a week to rationalise them, no time..and it is the last lesson next Monday. Sob.
I have to be extra nice to Mother as she has bought me for Birthday and Christmas x2 a set of 4 dinning room chairs. I have no images yet I know from the description that they will be perfect. Rush seating ladder backed from the 1920's one careful owner. I am supremely fussy about furniture. I like it to tell a story and veer towards a shaker crossed with school house ethic. My main problem now is getting them down to London. But I figure if we got a large painting from Cornwall to London we can do chairs.
So back to teaching, and this post will be followed by some supreme aesthetic beauty.

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