Thursday, 25 March 2010

The World of Interiors

I have some issues dating back to the eighties, every now and again when I need to top up my inspiration tank I get a few down a have a rummages through the articles. I am defiantly of late drawn to white houses, the first scores a triple whammy as it is the perfect house in the perfect place (St Ives) lived in by an artist who moved in after it was vacated by Breon O'Casey one of my favourite artists. Stella Benjamin's home

This is a random page that illustrates my perfect mix of African artifacts with paintings by St Ives artists.

This house in the south of France is beautiful, you can spot the 'light' a mile off it gives such clarity when you move south. Again the house belongs to an artist, Elizabeth Koetsier

I love those bentwood chairs.

Her early artwork is lovely too.

Finally this stunning house is in fact an apartment on top of one of those amazing tall houses you see in Stockholm, it is stunning.

It would be all too easy to be depressed by such lifestyle porn, but I am not because I try to project that this will come to me too one day, none of the owners are young, and many will have endured hardship whilst raising their families, so I am pragmatic. Plus I once read that an owner knowing her house was featured in the magazine bought a copy and failed to recognise it such is the styling that goes on.


materfamilias said...

These are inspiring -- I love that white background, the light, altho' I've never wanted to do the same in any of my homes somehow. I tend more to colour and a comfortable jumble. Hard to style that!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love these kind of white and light houses and the only thing I would change is to add some HUGE bright/bold and beautiful canvases.