Thursday, 11 March 2010

One last sartorial lust

So guess who missed the zeitgeist here then. Yep it's the one on the left. Antonio Marras for Kenzo, usually I love his work but somehow when compared to the Stella McCartney on the right I think maybe he missed the general mood of this year.
At college I was convinced designers communicated, how was it that themes would magically appear? Such a disparate crew and yet often singing from the same song sheet. This year many preempted the success of Hurt Locker by tapping into the whole military coat feel, whilst others have been more than a little influenced by those unbelievable outfits on Mad Men.
But some seemed to have the needles stuck into the same groove.

Which cannot be said of the ubiquitous Dries van Noten, Last season I was not sure, but this show was amazing. You could argue that it just reiterates a look, but the details are very now, like the leggings on the outfit above. What I love too about his clothes are the colours, so much inspiration here.
How beautiful is this skirt?

And although the trousers are a little pale to spill coffee down I am in homage wearing a long khaki skirt charcoal grey jumper and black cardie. It should be blue I know, but the proportions are right.
Talking of military movies, I may have missed The Hurt Locker but will for mothers day be sitting watching Green Zone, oh lucky me.
Consolation prize will be Measure For Measure at the Almedia on Friday though.

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materfamilias said...

OH! This is that "strict" look that Duchesse (at Passage des Perles) is speaking about today, but this is at the same time very accessible. I love, love, swooning love that blue skirt, oh my!