Monday, 8 March 2010

Carla Sozzani, my new style icon

This image below appeared in yesterdays edition of Stella magazine. It struck a chord as I love that silhouette, and even more the necklace she is wearing, even more she is wearing flat shoes. I have noticed Ms Sozzani before in the images of the Sartorialist and liked her style, but the article which I can't find online really sold her to me.

"she wears flat shes 99% of the time"

"now I am older I only wear what I feel comfortable in"

Two perfect mantras for me. She looks to me the perfect gallerina and I envy just a little that she runs one, but I figure I had my chance.

I may have to have a Carla Sozzani week and wear this silhouette everyday, I have enough black trust me.

After 'Googling' her I began to notice the necklaces more and more, they are a beautiful statement

I also love the way she smiles for the camera, none of that moody crap here!

Images from here and here and here


La Belette Rouge said...

She has incredible personal style. And, that necklace you found, le sigh! I love it. Please tell me it is not ridiculously expensive.

materfamilias said...

Oh, you could totally rock this look! Go for it!

indigo16 said...

The necklace is one made for her by her husband I think. I do think it must be possible to have one made, but at a price. Still no more than a pair of Jimmy Choo's and more people check the neck than the feet, don't they?