Monday, 19 April 2010

Iceland the gift that just keeps on giving

First they invaded and colonised our high street, then they stole all our money, now they are about to bankrupt our airline industry. On top of which they are preventing me from seeing Leyla.
After the first week Lucy asked if I missed her, in all honesty I had been so wrapped up in walking and drawing I had not really had time. Plus the side benefit was a huge amount of time was spent with Kitty who has, even though I say this myself grown up into a delightful teenager. She has been quite frankly fantastic throughout the two week break. So I guess I was not missing Leyla too much.
Week two and we were so busy trying to spring clean the house I did not think about it too much, then when they stopped the planes I cried like a baby and realised that the hollow emptiness was a GREAT BIG Leyla sized hole.
They made it to Istanbul, worse places to be stuck. They are very lucky in that they have friends and family there and Leyla is as I write at school there too. Emin can work from his laptop so for a couple of weeks they are good to stay.
After that I think they will get a coach. Can you imagine? That is a seriously L-O-N-G way. If however all calms down they are booked on a flight to return Wednesday. We shall see.
Some of her schools friends are stuck as far a field as New York and Japan, I feel an ocean liner revival coming.
I am now going to play catch up on reading various blogs. I have absolute power over Leylas apple as I am working from home today...Yeah right. Tomorrow it is back to the chalk face and I will be uploading a smorgasbord of images including some drawings. I finally did it and took less photographs but stood a drew plein air.


materfamilias said...

So far, I hadn't thought of all the parents separated from their children or of the children, homesickness and all, wanting to go back home to their moms. I do hope Leyla's back with you soon (what a long bus ride that would be if they have to take that route!)
Really glad to have you back posting and so looking forward to seeing your drawings.

La Belette Rouge said...

It is so scary how Iceland shut down the world for a few days. Hope she is back home and safe and that all is well.
I've missed you. Great to see you back.