Saturday, 24 April 2010

Transatlantic Japanese Maple love

Materfamilias recently posted some photographs documenting her love of the new unfurling Japanese maple leaves in her garden. I also have, two Japanese maples that when opening newly minted leaves look almost claw like against silhouetted on a sunny day.

Not a Japanese maple I know but a lovely image of some fragile flowers at the end of the garden.
Above all just feel that macro lens love!
Seriously it is really difficult to take these photographs when even the tiniest breeze sends auto focus into battery meltdown, and you can't breath either , but when you get the shot, what shots they are. That lens is surely worth the price of a pair of Blahnik's no?

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materfamilias said...

I commented and then Blogger ate my comment. Which is not very nice of blogger, is it?!
Love these photos. wish I had a Macro lens. wish I could follow you 'round for a few days with my Nikon and you could show me how to do so much more with it.
thanks for sharing these.