Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The view from here

The path to Walberswick

Above the view across the reed beds to Southwold

I would try to get up each morning to walk the circuit around the harbour across the marshes to the dunes, the sound of the Sky larks was amazing, they were so high you could not see them by the afternoon they were low enough to see. Also amazing were the aerial fights between the Seagulls and Lapwings but even they ducked for cover the morning the Marsh Harrier arrived!

Returning back from a meal in Walberswick along the harbour the sun had just set over the reed beds. creating this ethereal glow

The beginning of the holiday was very very cold, 5 layers plus hence the grey skies.

The dunes were very beautiful

even more so when you came across beach huts nestled in them

below my favourite house which was available to rent, I may have to return at some point just to stay and paint there

I love the flat marsh reed beds of Suffolk, I love that empty landscape especially at sunrise when there is no one around.

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materfamilias said...

Gorgeous! Obviously a very replenishing landscape -- it looks restful and expansive. . . perfect, I'd imagine, for a painting retreat.