Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It was all about the food...

Well OK the cider was lovely too, but I forgot to photograph that. The beach front is littered with kiosks selling hot chocolate and would you believe latte's?
In fact Southwold is so posh, not for them an End Of The Pier Show, instead a far more amusing and tasteful Under The Pier Show.

Have you ever seen so much crockery? This is in one of the many bric-a-brac markets. I could have bought a lot more than I did, instead I settled for a hand blown Georgian wine glass.

But from here it is all about the food..

Cream teas at the boating lake cafe

Fresh fish from the harbour.


Richardson's Smoke House

The most amazing locally made baskets, I may have to be cremated in one of these they are so lovely!

Just look at that list, what an amazing place

What a pork fest, there are free range pig farms everywhere and that ham was divine, so you see we ate a lot, drank a lot and had a thoroughly wonderful time.


materfamilias said...

So many of your photographs are absolutely frame-worthy -- looks like a superlative holiday! Those baskets have me drooling almost as much as the food does.

Borntoknit said...

Oh, it looks lovely! So quintessentially English and not at all crowded this time of the year.

The seaside in the spring is something special – it´s the same here in Sweden. We´re taking a trip out to one of the islands just outside Stockholm tomorrow.