Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Margaret Green

You can just see my favourite house which overlooks the mouth of the estuary, this whole area was very beautiful.

Another view of the harbour near where the 'ferry' takes you to Walberswick, my favourite village, the 'ferry' is a rowing boat

We found the harbour by accident, I have visited Southwold many times and never been there. Whilst we were walking around the town Kitty began to notice small painted eggs in the shop windows with numbers on. We realised it was a competition and collected and entry form. We found all 84 eggs, let me tell you they were flung far and wide and one of the places to find one was a fish shop in the harbour.
It is a good mile outside the town and was very much part of a thriving working harbour. So a big kiss for Kitty because without the search for eggs we would probably not found it or Walberswick.
The hunt also led us to a parade of shops where we found a lovely clothes shop. Every Easter this happens, we find these lovely shops selling a really esoteric mix. I bought a lovely black Jersey top with silk rosettes around the neck and a pair of really soft leather ankle boots reduced to £20 in a deep bronze perfect for next year.

These two views are of the dunes at Southwold very beautiful and I too was inspired to draw. It took a while to get a feel for the place but once started I was very reluctant to return home.

Little has changed since these views were painted, despite the hustle and bustle of the town the beaches towards the harbour were very quite. I love this landscape.
So where are the photographs? Well I can't find the card reader and a member of staff has borrowed my camera, plus we are busy choosing a place for next year. Oh and there is this bloody teaching malarky too. So photographs later this week
Dorset is now high on our list and I have narrowed it down to 3 brilliant places. I am bravely going to take the dog. The whole world and his wife took their dogs to Southwold and Kitty and I really missed having him around.
Oh, it now looks like Emin and Leyla might be home tonight...
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materfamilias said...

What a gorgeous spot for a holiday -- and I love that you've given us the view through paintings. Looking forward to your sketches and photographs, though, and not just of the landscape -- I want to see those new boots!
Amused that you've no sooner got one holiday done than you're planning next year's -- meanwhile, the sad intervening reality of working for a living . . .