Friday, 30 April 2010

Wadrobe Watch week 2 AKA "are you really that vain?"

If you are at all interested in clothes I can honestly say that photographing the contents of my spring wardrobe was the best few hours I have ever spent. It sound a tad narcissistic I know, OK a LOT but there were some real shocks in terms of what I thought looked good and what really looked good.
I have a tendency to wear cardies that are too baggy, I clearly look better when they are slightly more fitted. I would probably rock a suit but would feel too claustrophobic. Other sartorial howlers were two GAP t-shirts that actually made me look pear shape. A more inverted triangle you couldn't hope to find so these tops were really badly cut. They have been consigned to my 'only to be worn at the seaside bag'
Two other tops I realised clung with a touch too much enthusiasm to my midriff, they went to Daisy, she makes them look amazing so I don't resent wasting the money too much.
I am starting to think the best way to buy clothes is to try them on, photograph them, have a coffee, evaluate and only then decide, because for some reason I miss things when I look in a mirror which look glaringly obvious in a photograph. Length of skirts, proportions and so on. So week two and the scores are considerably higher.

Monday 8/10
This skirt I love, it was on a sale rack in Miss Selfridge (a shop I would not go in now)
it was originally a bubble skirt which I cut. It is made of many meters of parachute silk and hangs beautifully, worn here with a charcoal grey top from Massimo Dutti and a wool hook & eye cardie from Uniqlo. Also sharp eyes may just catch a glimpse of a new smoky quartz and pearl necklace I made during the day.
Tuesday 9/10
I LOVE this jumper, very flattering and although you can't see it buttoned down the back, a style I love. It was in the sale in Muji I would have paid full price I love it so much.
Worn with a skirt bought a few years ago in Wales, grey pinstripe with a big pocket. I love the style but not the pin stripes so much. Worn with a necklace I made that day. It took 4 attempts but once made is now one of my favourites.
Wednesday 7/10
I was painting most of the day so dressed down with a floppy top from Jigsaw, a Zara cardie and Zara Jodhpurs, you might just see my lovely Cath Kidston necklace.
Thursday 7/10
That lovely COS black dress with a light charcoal grey cardie from Kew which I think is a bit dull with the dress hence low mark. I am strating to wish I had just a bit more colour in my wadrobe.
Friday 7/10
Always more dress down as I teach mainly sixth form. This is one of my COS tunic dresses which I had mistakenly been wearing with longish cardies. I realised it made me look like I was wearing a shroud, so I am trying a much shorter cardie, this one from Toast looks slightly better. Worn with very narrow black trousers again from Zara. All my trousers are Zara they just love me!


La Belette Rouge said...

I am loving-loving-loving this series. If I didn't know better I would think you were shopping at VERY high end designers. You have an amazing eye and aesthetic, but of course you are an artist.

materfamilias said...

I second Belette. This is a great series, and also an inspiration. I've been doing some Polyvore-on-the-Floors, but I know that for really testing an outfit on one's own self, nothing substitutes for the photograph -- somehow it does allow a more dispassionate evaluation, although there is also the danger of being too hard on oneself. I'm actually thinking of getting a mirror set up in a better spot so that I can do more of this myself.
As for the charge of narcissism, I'd say we all do the individual choosing and trying on a daily basis -- this way is actually more efficient, less stressful -- getting the kinks out and establishing whhich choices work well so that you can easily grab them and dress at 6:30 in the morning when thinking doesn't go so well . . .

indigo16 said...

Well thank you both for the positive comments, buying relatively low end it is all about the fabrics and after over 30 years buying my own clothes it is about time I began to get it right!

Cervin Hosiery said...

I'd like to shop in your wardrobe :). You have an amazing taste..incredibly great. I love to read your series.