Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sartorial London

Snapping the style on Bond Street
my stripes from Southwold her stripes...

from Hermes

The above two images are of the Hermes shop front on Bond Street. I am assuming they are by the Sartorialist, but where the scarf or hanky should be is the real thing, from Hermes of course.
So of course I felt I should try to capture some street style love.

Although I would not wear this I loved the zingy colour combo.

as I did with this outfit

I would love to own all that she is wearing, the trousers you can't really tell are in the most beautiful green, grey steel colour, the perfect length too

I wanted to get more of the bag, but you only get a fleeting chance the speed some of these women move at

How wonderful is this? The promise of a picnic on a cold but beautiful sunny day, I caught her emerging from Fortnum's

I love the proportions of this, very Comme de Garcon, I tend to veer towards shorter skirts myself though, but I though she looked amazingly striking when everyone else had slipped into some summer colour


materfamilias said...

Fun! and I love your southwold stripes as much as the Hermes one (might covet her bag, though!)

La Belette Rouge said...

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE that picnic basket bag. I am in the market for a picnic weave straw bag(nothing that big) but I love the concept. Well done London-sartorialist!

indigo16 said...

Borntoknit, lurkers are always welcome, but non more so than Sweeden, one of my absolute favourite countries.