Friday, 23 April 2010

Wadrobe Watch

This could go horribly wrong, but as I miss what I wore today (drawings) I thought i would make a concerted effort to see what I wear over the next 6 weeks. Last week in a moment of peace I photographed every outfit so I could try and evaluate the shapes and proportions. I will give each outfit marks out of 10 and maybe the odd story as to origins, we will see...
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Monday 6/10
INSET so very dress down, yet I love this and you will see over the next few weeks it is my default comfort setting,
Tuesday 3/10
I again went for comfort since it was the first day back at school. however I don't think this works at all now I see the photograph, really drab plus I hate it when the cardie is the same length as the top underneath, I should have gone longer or shorter.
Wednesday 7/10
I love this dress, not that flattering but fun. I think I would change the footless tights next time though.
Thursday 6/10
Again not flattering but I like the huge pockets. The cardie worked well with the necklace, but the trousers are too bulky.
Friday 8/10
Love this one, one of my favourite COS tunic dresses with a really well cut pair of black trousers


La Belette Rouge said...

#3 is my favorite.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I think they all look very stylish, a real working wardrobe!

materfamilias said...

I love #3 but would wear any of these combos!
A technical question . . . are these taken in a mirror? you must have a spot with prodigious natural lighting, no? And is the mirror quite large, 'cause I can't detect the frame . . . or is that just because you've cleverly cropped the photo?

indigo16 said...

OK hands up the photos are cropped, and yes the loft offers amazing an amazing amount of light. They are taken in front of a less than flattering mirror but it is all I have, although it is full length.