Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All I want for Christmas..............

Well we all know 'I want never gets' so this list will forever remain a list of wishes, but I know I would never tire of any of them.
First up a Swarovski necklace, seriously have you ever seen anything so divine? Sadly at over £300 it will not be coming to a jewellery box near me very soon, I have however discovered a far less dramatic necklace on the Debenham's website which I am hoping may scratch this itch just a little. Second up a lovey kimono style coat from Sonia Rykiel which would keep me warm as toast on those cold Cypriot nights I will be enduring soon.

Finally a Vivienne Westwood scarf, believe it or not she has a shop in York it is always busy which is no surprise when you look at her clothes which are always amazingly cut to flatter. If I ever needed to push the boat out that is where I would go.
My sister fell in love with a dress in the shop window sadly it was Couture and not quite able to stretch across her ample arse. I have a feeling she may have tracked down the shrug that came with it as unlike my lack lustre 40 min Christmas lunch in a cold souless classroom, she gets to fly to Cannes for her Christmas bash!

Looking at this scarf I realise I made an error at college, instead of fannying around designing fabrics and creating ridiculous outfits, I should have focused on accessories. I should have seen into the future and realised there was not a cat in hells chance I would ever cope with a client based job (no, the poor fools I teach I do not consider to be clients)
Instead I should have designed and printed 20 scarves that I could still be wearing now, hah, who's the fool now?
All from ASOS


materfamilias said...

That Sonya Rykiel coat would be perfect, perfect for you -- stripes, shape, pockets, coziness . . . sad the way those Stones got it right, "You can't always get what you want" . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

It isn't too late to go into the scarf business. I love the scarf, necklace and the coat. You have very good taste. I hope Santa brings you wonderful surprises.xo