Friday, 26 November 2010

Wardrobe watch

No matter how hard I tried I could not get a decent photograph of this outfit, It looks awful but is lovely on I did have a cashmere cardie over it for a while, the stripes are grey and black not the brown you can see here, it is also a very, very heavy jersey fabric so it hangs beautifully bit most important it was all COS free!

Jersey top Ghost
Jersey skirt M&S


I realise the photographs were rubbish so I have created a montage in an effort to give a better feel for colour.

COS top to toe I'm afraid what but no I guess the challenge is no black COS! It is cold both in and out of work so I have layered a cardie over a jumper, the jumper looks very plain but like a lot of plain clothes is one of the most useful items I have, being thin merino wool it sits under cardies and dresses but also will go over thermals as well. Yet given the choice I would never choose to buy something this lacking in detail, that I did was because it was half price. I made the necklace, I love that one as it is made up of a myriad of different semi precious stones which I wired rather than threaded so it hangs better.
I am SO in love with these boots, of course now I am terrified of wearing them out, so am already looking for some others so as to rotate them more, I am SO glad I bought the bronze now.

Jumper COS
Skirt Next
Necklace 2 of mine
Pumps Peacocks

Nothing special, I do love this skirt though, I wear a couple of times a year but it will never date so will last forever, I am like that , I prefer to have a lot of clothes that I can rotate, so not wear often but wear over many, many years.
I read blogs like Metscan and I marvel at that discipline to buy less but very expensive clothes, give me £150 and my innate challenge is to get at least 4 things from it Metscan would buy one piece I envy her wardrobe yet can't change the way I am.


Cashmere cardie George @ Asda
Skirt Kew
Black top COS
Leather Obi ASOS
Necklace EB @ Debenhams
Boots Wolky

Phew, what a lot of stuff. I love how the belt has made the cardie more wearable, it is lovely hanging loose but nice to have it wrapped around, plus warmer! That skirt will never owe me a penny, I have worn across Europe and back, I find a skirt and tights combo way warmer than trousers, it is the first outing this winter for it and the boots.
I had in my mind decided the boots were too round toed and my bronze ones squarer, but the photographs tell a different story and so I am wearing them again although I still feel there is just the merest hint of orthopedic about them.
The new necklace is a triumph, it arrived in less than 24hours despite free P&P and is glass not plastic so hangs really well. When I found out Erickson Beamon had done a collection for Debenhams I was sceptical but they are better than expected given the price, this one was £15 the real thing would cost upwards of £900! what's not to love?


Jumper COS

Trousers Uniqlo

Necklace Toast

I am hoping to collect a silver version of this necklace tomorrow, fingers crossed. I had bought a green one but when I got it home realised it clashed with everything and not in a good way. Of course out of a wad of receipts dating back to the neolithic period the receipt for the necklace had vanished into the ether. Seriously, I have receipts for each and every cup of coffee I have drunk for the last two years mixed up with receipts for ridiculous sundries, but the ONE receipt I need has gone. Fingers crossed for a nice shop person to take pity on my pathetic organisational skills.

I love these trousers not least because they were a 32inch waist, this may not seem much of an achievement but it is for me, plus they need a belt! double joy.

I have 3 thermal vests on under this, I have dragged another heater into work in the vain hope of some warmth. Yes, it is a new building, No, we have no heat in our block at all. that could be because no members of office staff or management work over here, it seems only they are worthy of a functioning boiler.

I have no idea why the text has decided to double space, I am so pathetically grateful that anyone hosts these blogs that I rarely complain but the lack of a decent tool bar really pee's me off sometimes


materfamilias said...

These posts are getting better and better -- I really appreciate the collages for giving the close-ups of details. Hard-pressed to pick favourites this week, as all outfits are great -- so much is compatible about our styles (and I echo your comment re Metscan's restraint).
Love those bronze boots and I can see you must be thrilled with them, knowing the problems you've been having with shoes. Also love the necklace you made with the large semi-precious stones AND the Erickson Beamann beauty. Fun to dress up and down with.
Had to love at your comment re the heating -- same deal at our place re the diff. treatment of staff/admin vs. faculty. Although all the expensive glossy promo material goes on and on about pride in great teachers, how faculty make the place what it is, yada yada, we seem to be bottom of the barrel for facilities.

Liberty London Girl said...

I loved this: It's so refreshing to see outfits put together by someone over the age of 15 on a blog, and done so well too. LLGxx

La Belette Rouge said...

Those bronze boots are brilliant. I completely agree with Mater and LLG, your posts are getting better and better. The details of your outfits are fantastic. You have a fantastic eye.

indigo16 said...

Yes bloguettes having Yohji sat on my shoulder has done me no end of good, thank you as always for positive praise, still a shock to remember anyone reads this blog!!

RoxyBlue said...

I like Thursday's outfit the best.