Friday, 19 November 2010

Wardrobe Watch

AKA the week I wore the same top twice...Agh!
I thought I might focus on accessories this week, when all is said and done black is black and as it is so bloody hard to photograph the images can look a little dull..OK Dull!

Top Uniqlo, layered over another
Top Cos
Skirt Zara
I dream of working in a room with some element of heat so I do not permanently have to look like an onion.


Jumper COS
Trousers GAP
Necklace Toast
Shoes Naturalizer
I love these very, very old GAP trousers, not terribly flattering but quite quirky in length and fabric. I do not often wear shiny but I like these with the jumper which is self striped with a shiny viscose. I have loved and worn this necklace a lot, although I make quite a lot of jewellery it is quite nice to try something different and Toast do some lovely beaded ropes like this. This is a favourite because of the links.
The shoes are from a little shop in Southwold. Superficially very comfortable but after 10 min.s they pinch so I only wear them at work. Why? because they make my feet look tiny and I just love to look down and not be greeted by bear paws every day.

Cardie COS
Skirt Miss Selfridge
I wear the individual items a lot but not together this way before. You will see this skirt crop up time and time again, I love it, it is layers of very, very thin silk, it was originally a puff ball style and I found it for £12 unloved and realised if I cut the silk away from the lining I would have a lovely skirt. It is now well over 5 years old which for me is almost vintage! I have worn this cardie a lot, as for me it echoes my Yohji vibe.


Trousers Zara
Necklace Noa Noa
Pumps Peacocks
Love this silhouette it is one of my favourites, worn with the necklace I bought on Saturday it really works. These pumps were a bargain as they have red lining which peeps out, I keep them at school as being fabric they will not last 2 minutes in the rain.


Cardie +J Uniqlo
Skirt Betty Jackson @ Debenhams
Boots Some shop in Southworld
Necklace by me
Looks quite drab but the light I used has bleached the colours, the skirt is a lovely boiled wool, green and warm with the cashmere cardie.
These boots were a bargain at £20 from a tiny boutique in Southwold they are unbelievably comfortable, I could have bought them in black but I was determined to break the mould and go for something different. The necklace is a heady mix of citrine smoky quartz and glass beads.


La Belette Rouge said...

Truly, I think you are getting chicer and chicer and I find your style development to be inspiring me to take more chances. I have two sweaters that I credit you with inspiring me to buy.
I am crazy for your puff ball skirt. And I LOVE this post.
Happy weekend!

materfamilias said...

I love these skirts -- so much character! The top one reminds me of my own box-pleated wool skirt.
I remember seeing that Links necklace before in an earlier post and coveting it -- glad to see it's still getting lots of wear.
My work is bad for heat-cold balance as well and it's hard to dress properly without layers. I really wanted to wear some grey wool tights the other day -- would have been so cozy in my office where it can be too cold (it's by the door), but then I would have sweltered in the classroom and dripping-with-sweat is not the look I want in front of my students. . . .

Johanne said...

I love Monday´s outfit and I would love a pair of those Zara trousers.

It´s so inspiring to see your ensembles. And next time I´m in London I must make a beeline for Cos!

indigo16 said...

Thank you bloguettes, it has been a revelation to see outfits once photographed, I recommend it for creating a better sense of style.