Friday, 5 November 2010

Wardrobe Watch

So, it is back and bigger than ever with new and much improved shapes....Well I hope so.
I have found a couple of new blogs that post outfits which are enjoyable, although one did come up with one of those silly rules "harem trousers can only be worn with heels"! The whole point of styling is there are no rules, that is what makes it so much fun, you only have to look at some Japanese street style blogs to know that harem trousers look amazing with all kinds of flat shoes, boots and even converse trainers. Brogues come to mind as well as those riding ankle boots. So no rules here only brutal analysis, and the mantra "What would Yohji say?"
On a technical note I am these are taken from my reflection so may not always be clear and they were photographed on the same day! I have whittled 78 images down to 45 which should see me through until the end of term but day to day I do wear different coloured tights, only I could not face changing them between each outfit, I know hang my head in shame. From doing this I have pared my wardrobe for this term down considerably and it is saving me no end of time, as each outfit can be layered over my uniqlo thermals. The colder it gets the more thermal layers I wear!


When I tried this on in the shop it must have been in front of a magic mirror because I was convinced it made me look 7lb's lighter...WRONG But I would say it was difficult to photograph and I think my sister was right when she said I should steer clear of longer lengths. That said I do like it.
Tunic dress from COS
Long sleeved top Uniqlo


I love this, having shed a few pounds this year I am wearing a skirt that I love but that has been far too tight for comfort, layered under a trapeze top with very long sleeves and a scoop neck I think it really works.
Wool top COS
Skirt Kew


Another success, I have finally grown to love this +J skirt from Uniqlo, I did not wear it for ages as it needs quite a short top, but recently I have found a couple of jumpers that work well with it, so it is getting out a lot more this year.
Jumper Next
Skirt Uniqlo
Yeah, a COS free day....

As is today, I can do it, just not very often, I had previously worn this tunic with trousers but the miracle purchase of this skirt* gives it a much better shape and proportion, what it needs now is a nice long necklace to garrote me every 5 minutes.
The skirt is very unusual in that it is from M&S not a shop I am a huge fan of, like Jigsaw and Whistles I question the quality of their fabrics, plus they're shops my mother frequents so it could be that too!
I found the skirt when Kitty was trying on bra's can you believe, as I sat patiently waiting it was swinging on the rail opposite me and I was transported back to my late 20's when I would wear this style all the time with a trapeze top. I had many, many versions in acid bright colours that my Mother referred to as bandages. I liked and still like the proportion of them when worn with a long top.
I failed to locate the skirt in the shop but found it on line and tentatively ordered it. It fitted like a glove and has transformed some of my tops giving me some new shapes for a change. I notice that Isabella Oliver has a really nice version which if it goes in the sale I will buy, I have not found another one but would like a grey marle version in the future.
Tunic Great Plains
Skirt M&S


I have only this year manages to squeeze into COS trousers then amazingly had to buy these in a size M! I love them although they smack a bit of WWII! I feel like I should be digging with the women's land army. But who cares I think Yohji would definitely approve.
Jumper House of Frasier
Trousers COS

*The skirt in close up


La Belette Rouge said...

Hooray, I love a good Indigo wardrobe post!! Tuesday and Thursday are my favorite days. Love how these look on you.
Congrats on fitting into the medium. Well done!
Happy weekend!

materfamilias said...

I've missed these posts. I like Tuesday and Thursday best as well, altho' I'm partial to a skirt with a pocket and I do love those pants.